Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Stray Cinema - Video Footage - Free

The British website is offering an interesting
experiment. They sponsor a video contest where they provide the video
footage and you get to edit it.

There is no specific narrative tied to this footage and you are encouraged to
create something poetic with it. Some students may enjoy practicing
their editing skills with this contest. You can download the raw
footage in the QuickTime, MPEG4, and AVI formats.

Stray Cinema is an open source film. It is an experiment that combines filmmaking with online information sharing. We have shot a film and put the raw footage on this website, so you can download it and make your own version of the film!

We would love you to submit a two minute segment of the film you wish to make with our footage onto this website to be included in our competition.

We challenge you to make a more interesting cut of the film than we do.

Your film will be voted by our online community, and the top five films will debut at our New Zealand screening event.

An archive of the 2007 submissions is available here.

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