Thursday, July 24, 2008 Scriptwiriting Software - Free

Scripped Writer is a free web-based script writing software application you can use right in your web browser. Unlike other screenwriting software, Scripped Writer is built specifically with the needs of the writer in mind. That means it has all the functionality you need without the clutter of features you'll never use.

No installation is required. With a browser based web application you can use Scripped Writer without downloading software and installing it on your machine.

(If you are looking for free scriptwriting software, you should also consider Celtx.)

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Apple Loops Utility: Create Apple loops from audio files

The Apple Loops Utility allows you to create Apple loops from audio files.

Apple’s Apple Loops format adds metadata to files that allows them to conform to arbitrary tempos and pitches. For example, a 100bpm Apple Loop in the key of E could loop in a sequencer project in the key of C at 126bpm.

You can find a simple set of instructions at EQ Magazine.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

MicroTrack II 2-track mobile recorder

M-Audio’s MicroTrack II 2-track mobile recorder has been embraced across the digital media production spectrum—from cutting-edge music producers and Hollywood sound designers to top-shelf video game developers and photojournalism agencies.

It provides a great option for recording voice-overs for classroom video projects.’s newest tutorial on the MicroTrack II is available FREE in its entirety on the site. Over 35 minutes in length, this tutorial covers the basics of using the MicroTrack II, plus in-depth coverage of the Hardware/Software Controls, System, Settings, Options and Files Menus, Recording Options from Selecting An Input and Setting Levels, to Connecting To A Computer and File Transfers to iTunes, etc.