Saturday, September 26, 2009

Moxie - Music/Videos for Airplay - Free

Moxie is a free service that will send CDs to student publications and radio stations. For TV, current videos are sent for broadcast use.
MOXIE provides free record service to high school student organizations that are interested in using music as part of what they do. We primarily work with high school newspapers, radio/TV stations, and Student Government/ASBs. CDS, videos and other materials (stickers, bios, photos, etc) are sent to you and you decide if you want to review/write about it in your school paper, give it airplay on your radio station, show the video as part of your broadcast, or play the music at school dances and events. In addition, we also do ad campaigns, run contests, set up interviews with artists, provide tickets for you to review concerts, and bring artists to play at/visit schools.