Friday, October 10, 2008

Youth-Made PSA Examples

Austin Haeberle, the Creative Director at Listen Up! recently posted a list of recommended youth-made public service messages PSA examples. These are part of the 2008 Very Important Producers Awards. Teachers can join Listen Up! for free.

Check them out at

There are a lot issues motivating youth to stand up and speak out, inspiring us to take action. This category if full of thoughtful messages from youth filmmakers to their peers and adults alike. See all of the films in the PSA category here:

Take a quick peek at few:

You Have the Right By: Michael Maldonado Org: BAVC_ Next Gen Video Programs

I Will Use My Voice By: Tessa Ormenyi Org: Grover Cleveland High School

Arthur By: Yaroslava Vaganova Org: The oneminutesjr Network

Chewing Tobacco PSA By: DROP TV Youth Producers Org: Children's Media Project

I'm Mad! Org: MyView Video Project

Listen to your heart Org: The oneminutesjr Network

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