Sunday, October 5, 2008

Current TV - Producer Training Resources

The cable/satellite channel Current TV is built upon the submission of programming from viewers. There website has resources for potential contributors. The have "producer training" section and production knowledgebase with information on pre-production, production, post production and marketing. They also have license cleared music for their projects.

Current is about what's going on in your world: all the things you and your friends are actually interested in -- that you won't find on any other news site or cable TV channel. is the place to find and share stories and videos that are interesting to you. It connects to Current TV, a global cable and satellite TV network.

You can watch Current TV online or enjoy it from the comfort of your couch:

DirecTV: channel 366
Dish Network: channel 196
Comcast: channel 107
AT&T U-Verse: channel 189
Time Warner: check listings

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