Friday, January 9, 2009

Make a Blu-Ray Disk on a standard DVD

The 8th Annual MacWorld FCP SuperMeet was held on January 7, 2009. There were a number of interesting speakers and among those was DVD wiz Bruce Nazarian.

He gave a presentation on how Mac users can use a standard "red-ray" DVD burner and regular DVD-R media to create a Blu-Ray disk. His method involves Roxio Toast.

You can get a PDF of his presentation at his website (You will need to sign-up, for free.) Among the things Nazarian recommends is that content producers sign a petition to lower the licensing fees associated with Blu-Ray replication. The licensing cost is $4,500. Both DVD and HD-DVD never had a licensing fee. So, this is an important issue. You can duplicate Blu-Ray disks one at a time from your computer without having to pay this fee, but if you send it off to a professional replicator, you will have to pay the fee. You can sign a petition about this issue from the DVD Association.

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