Thursday, December 11, 2008

IMDB Policy Change, The Internet Movie Database, is an important resume link for people breaking into the film industry. IMDB used to have a policy that only films shown in select film festivals or distributed through a studio or network could be listed. They have just changed their policy in a way that will benefit new filmmakers.

Does your film have a Title Page on IMDb yet? If not, maybe it should. IMDb wants to help you publicize and promote your movie as soon as its ready for the world, not just after you've won recognition for it. Next time you submit to a Withoutabox Partner Festival, you will be invited by email to create a Title Page on IMDb, the most recognized and trafficked movie site in the world. Submit to a festival by year's end to get in line for your Title Page. Certain submissions are not eligible, but the great majority are. Invitations are sent once the festival receives your submission. In fact, thousands have been sent just in the last couple weeks!

Learn more about this opportunity here.

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