Saturday, June 14, 2008

Channel 4 - Breaking the News course - Free

The UK's Channel 4 has a really great four unit course available for free called Breaking the News. Course materials include PDFs and PowerPoints and video segments.

It can be used within the context of Media Studies, English, Citizenship and related subjects. The resources can be adjusted to suit the subject as well as the level of the student.
Students will learn to critically analyse television news as well as create their own news stories. They will use digital technologies as well as online tools to select, edit and produce news stories.
The course is made up of four lesson plans and corresponding student worksheets. It has been conceived using a concept map which sees the news (and indeed all media) as involved in a circuit of meaning. The structure has been informed by the key aspects approach that underlies most UK Media Studies courses. The news course can easily be integrated with the study of other media forms.

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