Saturday, March 1, 2008

Microsoft Word Script Format Macro - Free

The BBC has a free Microsoft Word macro for script formating called, Script Smart. It will only work in Word, and not Microsoft Works.

This resource is part of the BBC's Writer's Room, which has a number of resources for scriptwriting.

The version they have for the Mac only works for OS9 Word 2001. There are multiple Windows versions.

If you don't want to use this, I recommend Celtz.


Teraisa said...

Thank you! Do you know if Celtz still work? I checked out their site after reading the Mac magazine, but I am loading error messages. I checked this out, thinking perhaps I blew the correct name or URL. Yet, I still could not open the page.

I do appreciate your help.


Video Instructor said...

Celtx still works and is your best choice (over Microsoft Word Macros). They have just gone from beta to vrsion 1.0. Check out their forum for any technical questions you might have.